Location: Hay, NSW
Client: Auscott Limited

You Tube Video of project;

RIC Electrics tendered this project in September 2014 and with initial pricing being over budget, we were asked to advise of cost savings. RIC Electrics re-engineered mains, sub-mains, cable tray runs and various other areas and successfully negotiated the contract.

The project was a greenfield site and our initial scope of works included:

  • Supply and installation of consumer mains from 3 x 1500kVA transformers to the combined 3 x client supplied MSB’s to supply power to the main Gin Building.
  • Supply and installation of consumer mains from 1 x 500kVA transformer to an external MSB to power the Administration Building and the Bale Pad Shed.
  • Supply and installation of consumer mains from 1 x 500kVA transformer to a MSB to power the Seed Shed.
  • Supply and installation of cable ladder system throughout the gin and seed shed.
  • Supply and installation of sub mains to 10 Distribution Boards throughout the site, in different stages as required.
  • Installation of client supplied internal lighting to the Gin Shed and Seed Shed, both of which were 22 meters high, with the Seed Shed being a hazardous location.
  • Installation of client supplied external lighting on the Gin Shed, Seed Shed, Fire Pump Shed, Trash Shed and Cyclone Rack.
  • Supply and installation cabling and controls for 130 motors.
  • Manufacture and installation of 130 x Motor Isolator Panels for each of the motors. These ranged from 185kW motors down to 1.1kW motors, some controlled with VSD’s, soft starters and DOLs.
  • Installation of control cabling for equipment such as flame sensors, solenoids, limit and proximity switches.
  • Cabling and connection of lighting and power in the control room, offices, bath rooms, lunch rooms, etc.